Mint Green Rose Bear with Black Ribbon ~25cm

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These beautiful 3D rose bears wrapped in luxurious gift boxes and black ribbons will make perfect deluxe present for any romantic or special days that you can think of!



- Our gorgeous everlasting decorative rose teddy bears are made of soft synthetic roses

- Colour: Mint Green

- Size: Each rose bear measures ~25cm tall and 18cm wide

- Handmade crafted with care

- The package includes a rose bear wrapped in a transparent clear gift box with a black ribbon reading "just for you"



These bears are very delicate and fragile. Glo Cosmetics does not guarantee any petals falling off the bears. If any petals have fallen off the bear during delivery please simply re-glue them on the bears.

Our Luxe Rose Bears are Styrofoam bears covered with synthetic roses and NOT real roses. As such these custom-crafted bears will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required.

- To keep the rose bear in the best condition, store the rose bear at moderate room temperature to avoid the build-up of dust.

- Any extreme temperature, either too hot or too cold can impact the synthetic material and reduce longevity.

- Avoid touching water or direct sunlight as this can cause discoloration.